Wellbeing for Peak Performance Workshop



            Dr Melanie Rule

            Dr Bethany Boulton

Dr Una Harrington

Dr Charley Greentree

Dr Shahina Braganza

Dr Alex Markwell


The first part of the workshop will focus on the importance of maintaining individual wellbeing for healthcare professionals, particularly when faced with challenging work environments. We will highlight a variety of individual strategies that can be used to support wellbeing and showcase the evidence behind these strategies.


Participants will be supported to create their own personal wellbeing plan by the end of the session, which they can take home to remind them of their ongoing commitment to their wellbeing.


After morning tea, the session will shift focus to the role each individual plays within the broader healthcare team. We will spend some time looking at the essential characteristics of high performing and cohesive teams, and discuss strategies for how we can build these within our organisations. This will be an interactive session with time spend in both small group and whole group discussions.


The final hour of the session will focus on the role we can each play in creating meaningful change within our organizations with respect to staff wellbeing. We will discuss some ideas for promoting wellbeing in your own workplace and explore ways to try to drive change at an organizational level.


The workshop will be facilitated by members of the WRaP EM team, a group of ordinary but passionate clinicians & medical educators who are determined to drive the conversations in our workplaces about the importance of staff wellbeing, and the link between staff wellbeing and patient outcomes.


This workshop would be suitable to health professionals from all backgrounds, including medical, nursing and allied health. It is suitable for participants at all stages of their career. It is aimed at people who want to learn how to perform at their best both, as individuals and as part of the healthcare team, in order to provide high quality care to their patients.